What is PayTix®?

PayTix® has partnered with cities across the US to enable users to pay for parking tickets in a safe and secure mobile environment without any added usage fee other than a member cities convenience fees (if applicable). PayTix® has direct connections to member cities parking systems and is a partner of the cities listed in our supported city list.

No App Usage Fee Commitment:

PayTix® is FREE! We feel adding app "usage fees" on top of what you pay for a parking ticket is unfair and burdensome to you, the "public", and we are totally committed to keeping PayTix® FREE. We do not charge a "usage fee" to use the PayTix® app nor will we ever. Please note, some member cities may apply a convenience fee to transactions to cover the cost of providing services to the public but, there are no PayTix® usage fees.

Why use PayTix®?

Since PayTix® is fully supported by member cities you can be assured that your payment is handled with the same security safe guards that are available to you on our member cities payment websites. We do not store your credit card data (anywhere) and we are fully PCI DSS compliant. When you pay for your parking tickets with PayTix®, you are paying with the same service that processes payments for the member cities today. Also, since PayTix® is supported by member cities we don't have to spoof or hijack city payment websites. PayTix® has native interfaces to our member cities systems. And oh, did we mention, PayTix® is FREE!!!!!.

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